Be a Greeter

If you want to be part of this project, why not become a Turin Greeter?
To become a Greeter, you must enjoy meeting and talking with all kinds of people.
You don't need to have any qualifications to become a Greeter.
Remember: we are volunteers not  tourist guides!
Obviously you  need to be familiar with and upbeat about Turin.
We are especially looking for people with foreign language skills.
However we think that whatever language you speak, we understand each other!
As a Greeter, you'll be showing visitors around Turin that you know, introducing them to local markets and shopping areas or anything else that you, and they, fancy!
you just need to love where you live and enjoy telling people about it. 
So, if you're over eighteen, go to our application form Be a Greeter page to see an application form and find out more. 
Greeters must be available at least one day per month for at least 2 hours per visit. You may accompany visitors in any of the boroughs, but meeting locations are usually in the city centre and always in a public place. Visits are conducted 365 days a year: 
Greeters have the opportunity to show pride in Turin and get in touch whith visitors coming from all over the world.
If you speak a foreign language, you’ll have the opportunity to use it. Plus, making new friends from all over the world is exciting! While you’re teaching your new friends about Turin, you’ll learn about their culture, and why they love their city or country.