As founder of the Turin Greeters, I’m pleased and honored to become member of the Global Greeter Network and to get started the first group of greeters in Italy. On behalf of the Turin Greeters, I look forward to welcoming you as our friends. Michele Penna

The Turin Greeters first of all want to give visitors a  warm welcome. We are proud of our town. 

This is our motto and we would like to share our unique knowledge to help visitors appreciate some fascinating parts of Turin they might otherwise not experience.

The Turin Greeters are enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing. We love meet people who are curious to discover our city not just visiting and taking pictures in postcard places.

The Turin Greeters offer a welcome service for free. We want to make a difference by showing our hospitality! The Turin Greeters  show you round the neighbourhoods where we live and work, and introduce you to local specialities, parks, alleys of the ancient downtown, no beaten tracks, sidestreets and attractions. The aim is to showcase the city centre and its surroundings that can often be overlooked by a common sightseers if they go around only with a tourist map.

The Turin Greeters are not a tourist guide. We would like to be considered as an old friend who is pleased to meet you during your journey in the city where he lives and who can help you feel at home. In this way you can see the neighborhoods of the city through the eyes of someone who lives here in everyday life.